International ASEA-UNINET Doctoral Symposium on Data and Software Engineering (IDoDSE 2014)

The International ASEA-UNINET Doctoral Symposium on Data and Software Engineering (IDoDSE 2014) is an international event co-located with the International Conference on Data Engineering (ICoDSE 2014), aims at providing a forum for PhD student candidates, early and late-stage PhD students, to present their research in the area of information and communication technology, especially on data and software engineering. The PhD students should show their abilities and knowledge on doing the research, working on foundations, techniques, methods and tools and get detailed feedback and advices from the senior researchers acting as mentors in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. The scope of the doctoral symposium is on information and communication technology area, especially the topics of the main ICoDSE 2014 conference (data and software engineering).

The goal of the symposium is to expose PhD students to helpful criticism before their dissertation defense. Mentors provide constructive criticism about the current status of the work, and give some advices about possible future direction and focus. The objective is to improve the research designs and rigor in doctoral dissertations, share experiences and practices, and support the networking and cooperation within the community, in particular, between the promising young researchers and senior members of the community.


Wikan D. Sunindyo
Institut Teknologi Bandung - Indonesia

Doctoral Symposium Committee

A Min Tjoa
Vienna University of Technology - Austria
Andriyan Bayu Suksmono
Institut Teknologi Bandung - Indonesia
Benhard Sitohang
Institut Teknologi Bandung - Indonesia
Dwi Hendratmo
Institut Teknologi Bandung - Indonesia
Iping Supriana Suwardi
Institut Teknologi Bandung - Indonesia
Josef Küng
Johannes Keppler University Linz – Austria
Richard Lai
La Trobe University - Australia

Poster Submissions

To participate, please submit a poster to be shown at the doctoral symposium and conference, by e-mail to in pdf format.

  1. Posters will be shown on poster boards. Therefore, posters may not include exhibits of models, devices, or computer programs.
  2. Posters must be prepared both in portrait-format and in size DIN A0 (= 841 x 1189 mm = 33.11 x 46.81 inches). Please NO posters in landscape-format.
  3. Please make sure that the information on your posters is readable from at least one meter (= approx. 3 feet) away.
  4. The title of the poster must be at least 5 centimeters (= 2 inches) high. Underneath the title write in lettering the name(s) of the author(s) and your home institution.
  5. One side of a freestanding display board will be provided for each presenter.
  6. Posters will be presented and explained by their authors during the doctoral symposium. Posters will also be shown during the international conference.

The poster should at least include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Your name and contact information
  3. Introduction
  4. Brief literature review
  5. Research questions
  6. Description of proposed solutions
  7. Future Agenda

Some useful References:

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Important dates

  1. November 3, 2014 – Acceptance Notification
  2. November 27, 2014 – Conference and Doctoral Symposium